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-Brian Reed

What is a Tech Pack?

A tech pack is a detailed sheet created by designers to effectively communicate with manufacturers. It contains essential information such as measurements, materials, colors, trim, hardware, grading, labels, tags, and more. It serves as a comprehensive guide for constructing a product.

Why Create a Tech Pack?

Clear Communication and Accuracy

Tech packs ensure clear and accurate communication between designers and manufacturers. By describing every crucial aspect of your design, they minimize misunderstandings and mistakes, resulting in a seamless production process.

Global Manufacturing Made Easy

In the context of global manufacturing, tech packs become even more important. They bridge the gaps created by time zones, language barriers, and cultural differences. Tech packs provide a universal system that enables smooth production across different locations.

Efficient Production and Cost Savings

The primary goal of a Tech Pack is to minimize the number of samples required during the production process. By providing precise instructions, it saves you money and time, bringing your product to market faster and more efficiently.

Streamlined Product Development

Tech packs serve as a master document that tracks the entire product development journey. They capture comments, revisions, and changes, ensuring all stakeholders are aligned and facilitating a streamlined and organized development process.

Efficiently Communicate Your Design Vision with Detailed Tech Packs


Our mission at Tech pack Factory is to empower fashion creators by delivering exceptional tech pack solutions that accurately translate their design visions into tangible products. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive and precise tech pack services that streamline the design-to-production process, ensuring efficient collaboration and superior outcomes. With a focus on attention to detail and industry expertise, our mission is to be the trusted partner that brings clarity and efficiency to fashion production through our top-notch tech pack solutions.


Our vision is to empower fashion designers, manufacturers, and suppliers with the tools and resources they need to bring their collective creativity to life and elevate the fashion industry to new heights. We envision a future where fashion creators effortlessly communicate their design intentions through accurate and comprehensive tech packs, leading to enhanced collaboration and superior product outcomes.

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Garment Tech Packs

Tops and Blouses

Dresses and Gowns

Bottoms and Trousers

Outerwear and Jackets

Accessory Tech Packs

Handbags and Purses

Footwear and Shoes

Hats and Headwear

Jewelry and Accessories

Elevating your brand with customized design solutions tailored to your vision.

What is in a Tech Pack

A tech pack typically includes detailed information such as garment measurements, materials, colors, trims, hardware, grading, labels, tags, and any other essential components needed to construct a product. It serves as a comprehensive guide for manufacturers to understand and produce your design accurately.

What is a Tech Pack Used For?

Tech packs are essential tools used in the fashion industry to facilitate communication between designers and manufacturers. They ensure clear and precise instructions are provided, minimizing misunderstandings and mistakes. Tech packs enable seamless collaboration, streamline the production process, and serve as a reference for product development and tracking.

How Much Should I Pay for a Tech Pack?

The cost of a tech pack can vary depending on various factors, including the complexity of the design, the level of detail required, and the expertise of the service provider. It is advisable to obtain quotes from different tech pack service providers to compare prices and find a balance between quality and affordability that aligns with your specific needs.

Who Makes the Tech Pack?

Tech packs are typically created by fashion designers or professionals specializing in tech pack services. At Tech Pack Factory, our experienced team of designers and experts are dedicated to crafting accurate and comprehensive tech packs that bring your design ideas to life. We work closely with you to ensure every aspect of your vision is captured in the tech pack.

Accelerate your fashion production with our expertly crafted tech packs, designed to streamline communication, minimize errors, and bring your vision to life.


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